* VII Oslo Digital Cinema Conference

The Oslo digital cinema conference - ODCC had its first edition in 2007. This was the year when RED pushed the digital revolution when appeared in the market with the camera RED ONE. A camera equipped with a full frame sensor (35mm frame), PL mount adaptable to cine lenses and an image that was closer to negative. The revolutionary image also was capable of shallow depth of field as any film camera. The cost of the camera compared to any other was four times less and the image files were easy to handle and to treat. This was the year when ODCC began. Cinematographers were a bit lost. New technology, new technique and also a new language had arrived. Resolution, pixels, files, rendering speeds, false colour, dynamic range, ISO rather than film stocks and emulsions. A new world was opening and ODCC is part of that evolution. Now we could find that ODCC has done its part in the change but not. Technique is always evolving and more and more is necessary to educate professionals to work with new tools and new concepts. So 12 years has passed and the VII edition took place last October with the same enthusiasm as in 2007.
The video of the event is HERE and a report by lars Peterson HERE.

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