Introduction for ‘Venerable W’ By Philippe Ros, AFC

Like last year, you will find a new analysis of workflow from the Digital Production Challenge II (DPC II) seminar.

End of 2017, during 4 days, I was one of the 4 tutors in Amsterdam to work for this seminar organized each year in the European capitals by the Swiss Foundation Focal.
This foundation for professional training in cinema and audio-visual media is directed by Pierre Agthe. The DPC II seminar was created, among other goals, to give the methods to deal with the most recent workflows.

P1 - Barbet Schroeder with Ashin Wirathu
Barbet Schroeder with Ashin Wirathu

So in Amsterdam, we had the pleasure to analyse the workflow of:
The Venerable W’, a French/Swiss film directed by: Barbet Shroeder - Production: Les Films du Losange - Main Producer: Margaret Ménégoz (Les Films du Losange) Co-producers: Lionel Baier (Bande à Part) Olivier Pierre Arte France. Cinematographer : Victoria Clay-Mendoza - Colorist: Patrick Lindenmaier (Andromeda Film AG)

For this analysis, I had the opportunity to work in advance during several days with François Dupuy, post-production supervisor (Noir Lumiere) and we decided to design the presentation from his point of view. As supervisor, he received the information in a very specific way due to the touchy subject of this documentary film. According to the review in The Guardian, ‘The Venerable W’ portrays Ashin Wirathu ,‘’the poisonous monk behind Myanmar’s anti-Muslim vendetta’’. A paradox for this Buddhist religion.
The political conditions and the remote locations lead the director and the post supervisor to use amazing methodologies and tricks to face the challenging shooting situations.

Some information on DPC II
This seminar is designed for producers, production managers, post-production managers and, recently, for filmmakers and cinematographers with dedicated group discussions.
DPC II is organized by Paul Miller, Head of Studies (producer, Escape Pictures, Netherlands/US) and Sophie Bourdon, Delegate to Head of Studies (training consultant, Bourdon Film Consulting, France/Switzerland),.
The other experts are : Martin Hagemann, producer, Zero Fiction Film, Germany ; Florian Rettich, BVK, freelance DIT & Workflow Supervisor, Germany ; Tommaso Vergallo, post-production consultant, Noir Lumière CEO, France.

P2 - Venerable Ashin Wirathu
Venerable Ashin Wirathu

So, thanks again to Pierre Agthe from Focal, I have the pleasure to share all the documents ready for downloading here below.

The version in Diaporama (Powerpoint for Mac 2011 - Version 14.7.7) include the animations. For those who don’t own Office you can download the PDF.

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