THE SIGMA ZOOM Lenses - Test Review

By Alfonso Parra AEC, ADFC
In this article we are going to study two of the Sigma zooms designed for cinematography, the most wide-angle, 18-35mm, and the most telephoto, 50-100mm, both of them with a T2. The study focuses on every aspect related to the image quality provided by the lenses, such as the resolution, color, bokeh or spatial construction, among others. We have used the last Red One Weapon 8K camera recording in 4kHD Raw format, 8:1 compression at 25pfs and 1/50 shutter speed. The analysis of the different tests is made under theoretical considerations: we worked on resolution and color charts and then we analyzed through the Imatest, ImagJ or Color Inspector programs. We used different light sources adjusted with the Sekonic C700 spectrometer and the Sekonic l- 88/Cine light meter.


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