By Alfonso Parra AEC, ADFC

In this document we are studying the new Canon Camera C700 from the viewpoint of a Director
of Photography. We have centered in the fundamental pillars of the digital image quality such: as
resolution, dynamic range , noise, sensitivity and color; while contemplating the subjective valuations
of the participant in the test: such as DPs, assistant and post producers. The analysis of the different
tests has been performed on theoretical considerations, working with resolution and through later
analysis with programs like Imatest, ImagJ or Color inspector. We have also used several light
sources calibrated with the Spectrometer Sekonic C700 and the Photography meter Sekonic L558-
Cine. We have work with UltraPrime Lens and the Canon Zoom 30-300.
We certainly have tested with several camera configurations, most of them were recorded in XFAVC
at 3840x2160 with a variable bit rate of 410 Mbps, with the Canon log 2 curves, the widest
Cinema Gamut color space and an ISO800, IE recommended by the manufacturer to this curve.
The theoretical test likewise, has been complemented with natural outdoors and indoors recordings in
Cucunubá, small Colombian village located just a few hours away from Bogota.
There, we made a recording on how people produce “native clothes” with hand looms, on how they
work in a small farm or inside a mine at 300 meters depth. The postproduction job regarding
colorization and assemble has done with a Scratch and Adobe Premier.
The images included in this document come from the original photographs, but compressed. So
please take them only as references. Likewise the video are compressed to HD (1920x1080)

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