Alfonso Parra AEC Tests Zoom Canon CN-E 30-300mm

As a Director of Photography, my intention has been to reach a broad vision about the operation of the Zoom throughout the test. I have checked both objective elements and subjective ones. Objectives have been resolution, contrast or color analysis trough Imatest and ImageJ programs. After having seen the different frames, I have checked subjective elements like general evaluation of the image, focusing on its texture and appearance. In order to do the test we have used the different lenses which we will enumerate below, moreover we have also used the Red Epic camera and the new Canon EOS C500 PL, both of them at 4K format. We have basically used the first camera to see resolution and sharpness of the lenses, meanwhile we have used the second one to shoot in outdoor locations and the “Ucronías” short-film, as well as to evaluate the flare. We have recorded images from the C500 on a Codex, transferring from the Canon raw to the DPX and Prores 4444 1920x1080. The evaluation of the images from outdoor
locations was generally made with a BaseLight, working at DPX 16 Bits with projection on 2K. To analyze the resolution of the Epic camera, we have extracted frames with RedCineX-Pro at Tiff 16 bits format.


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