Workshop at ARRI Munich: How to control the texture of the digital image

Rolf Coulanges, BVK, Imago Technical Committee delegate and Philippe Ros AFC have been invited to a workshop in Munich on the 13th of July 2015 to test image control.

Organized by Harald Brendel, principal Engineer Image Science, and Henning Radlein, Head of Digital Workflow Solutions, the goal of this encounter was to show the developments and tests on the new:
• DeBayer algorithms for the internal recording in the Alexa's camera and in the Amira and for the process of the ArriRaw in post
• Sharpness control & resolution parameters
• ARRi Color tools and ARRI Color Management 2
• Noise reduction parameters for the Alexa Mini, the Alexa SXT and the Amira.
This report is designed for filmmakers, cinematographers, camera teams, colorists interested in the texture of the image but it includes a broader topic: the understanding and controls of our tools.



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