The Cinematographer and the Lens for Film and Television. An Inquiry.

Center of Advanced Studies of Film and Television Technology of the HFF Munich

The results of the survey taken by Center of Advanced Studies of Film and Television
Technology of the HFF Munich are now publicly after its presentation at CINEC.

Lens survey

The Current Situation
Lenses are some of the most important tools used to create a “look” in a film. It stands to reason that lens manufacturers are working to perfect lenses by eliminating optical artefacts and maximizing sharpness etc.
But which lenses would the USERS, the camera people, really want to work with? What are their priorities and needs?
In the era of digital cameras, the choice of film stock or photo-chemical processes which could be used to influence the look of a picture while recording, have vanished. On the other hand, digital colour grading has become more and more important – a part of the production chain that often cannot, or not completely, be influenced by the DOP.
Has the lens therefore become one of the last possibilities to create a photographic look?
The next big changes in film technology are irreversibly on their way – the development towards even more picture quality.

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Results Lenses survey

Conclusions of the survey

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