"Who Needs Sleep?" Interview w/ Haskell Wexler

Cinematographer, Seamus McGarvey interviews Haskell at the 2015 Edinburgh International Film Festival after the screening of his documentary on Hollywood film industry working conditions, "Who Needs Sleep?" The sound is not at the best but it is always worth watching, Haskell Wexler

IMAGO has published the full documentary two years ago. You can watch it HERE.
The documentary was shot in 2006 on his own by cinematographer Haskell Wexler ASC who has been for many years a critic of the working system adoptaed not only in hollywood productions but all over the world.

IMAGO has with not much success its true, IMAGO has called for the problem for several occasions and in 2007 IMAGO has shown a small piece of 30 m about the subject, focusing on the Dannish system which is the only one in the world where film workers have sick leave paid, vacation paid, and only work 5 days a week and only 8 hrs per day. Watch the full document HERE.

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