Rui Poças aip gets ADF grand prize

The Portuguese were out from the recent ADF Film Festival particularly happy. Rui Poças aip got the Grand Prize of the festival with his work on «Zama» directed by the Argentinian director Lucrecia Martel. Rui has got also the AIP awards for best cinematography award and «Zama» will be Portuguese representative for the next IMAGO awards taking place in Brussels next march the 14th.

But the short film competition was also an aip to get the highest prize. Manuel Pinto Barros won the international competition with his work on «Entre Sombras» directed by the duo de Mónica Santos e Alice Guimarães. The strong black and white and the combination with a difficult continuity stop motion technic used in the film impressed the jury. Our well known Maura Morales Bergmann ACC often Chilean and Italian delegate in the IMAGO meetings today president of the Chilean Society got two prizes also with her work in the documentary «Entierro». The award was emotionally received. Maura has dedicated the award to the critic moment that Chile is living now with the uprising of the population in the streets of Santiago with a curfew in place. Read HERE the communication sent just a few days prior to the festival.

The ADF International Cinematography Film Festival aims to convey the importance of cinematographers as authors and find new talents.

In this fifth edition, the venues of their projections and special activities, all free, were distributed between the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and the Vicente López region. It had three competitive sections: an International Fiction Feature Films Competition, with 8 films from Brazil, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Tunisia, United States, Turkey and Egypt; the classic International Short Film Competition, with 21 audiovisual works of great aesthetic and genre diversity; and the new International Documentary Competition, with 6 titles from Argentina, Chile, Italy, Mexico and Australia.

The winners this year's competition

International Feature Film Competition
Rui Poças AIP for «Zama»

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Special Mention: Amine Messadi for «Tlamess»

International documentary Competition
Maura Morales Bergmann for «Entierro»

1st Special Mention: Diana Garay Viñas for «Takeda»
2nd. Special Mention: Diego Gachassin for «Pabellón 4»

Premio ADN

The ADN Prize: Maura Morales Bergmann for «Entierro»

Special Mention: Diego Gachassin for «Pabellón 4»

maura emmb
Maura Morales Bergmann ACC  receiving the award for Best Cinematography for her work in «Buriel» . fThis documentary will represent ACC in  the International IMAGO Awards.


Manuel Pinto Barrosweb esmbp

International Competition Short films
Manuel Pinto Barros AIP for «Entre sombras»

1st Special Mention: eorgina Pretto for «Caparazones»
2nd. Special Mention: Iván Gierasinchuk (ADF) for «La medallita»

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