NZCS awards

Our Associate members from New Zealand NZCS have celebrated recently their awards. The highest prize in the society given every year is the 'Cinematographer of The Year' was given to Denson Baker NZCS ACS for 'OPHELIA.' «The superb cinematography in British-American romantic drama Ophelia saw Denson Baker NZCS ACS win Cinematographer of The Year 2019. A re-imagined story of Shakespeare's Hamlet the win affirms that Baker belongs at the top level of drama cinematography» notes the NZCS newsletter.

opheliaWe are sure that our colleagues from New Zealand have immensely enjoyed the gathering by the words received this morning « This year's sell-out Awards dinner was punctuated with heartfelt moments as cinematographers collected the admiration of their peers along with their awards.» These are conforting words.

Congratulations to all winners

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