is a fresh new global platform dedicated to focus pullers 

Launched in February 2019, is a fresh new global platform dedicated to focus pullers.

Whether a member is a seasoned 1st AC or just starting out as a focus puller, provides a central platform for all focus pullers to connect, communicate, share stories and ideas but also openly discuss technology, issues and challenges within the industry. Afterall, all focus pullers share the passion to creatively achieve perfection.

focuspulleratwork header logo offers several sub-forums including lens control manufacturers, monitors, accessories, lenses, and cameras. This allows all members to write, share, and read reviews, ask questions, join discussions, and even share lens data and 3D printing files.

The forum is constantly evolving and provides unique access to ever increasing resources of knowledge and experience. All of which, are accessible through structured threads.  All posts can be tagged using keywords, so topics of interest are easy to find.

The driving force behind the forum are “community managers”. These are experienced focus pullers from around the world (currently - North America, South America, Asia and Europe) who openly contribute their reviews, ideas, start discussions and share their advice and experience through the forum. On the other side, experts from the industry (manufacturers), can provide their own insight into the industry, but also offer first level product support and advice.

The long-term goal for is to become the number one resource for focus pullers around the world. Making networking, reviews, advice and support accessible to everyone through a single structured and interactive platform.

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