IMAGO way forward

Authorship: The way forward
IMAGO had its´s Board meeting during the Manaki festival.
The suggestion from the IMAGO Authorship Committee to significantly increase the focus on the fact that it is time cinematographers gets back the control of their images, was unanimously agreed to by the IMAGO Board. A broad information campaign is planned shortly to be initiated, with information campaigns towards producers and other colleagues, and advertisement campaigns in major film business magazines.

The campaign will have the headline “Cinematographers need control of our images” and is planned to be launched during the coming Camerimage in November.
Increasingly around the World, cinematographers experience their images being graded, cropped and changed in post beyond recognition, without the cinematographer even being informed or asked.
The aim for IMAGO is to make all our colleagues in the film industry aware that to grade, crop or change the cinematographer´s images without the cinematographer being asked, agreeing, or being present in the grading room, is a derogatory practice that must end.

Working conditions: the way forward
The suggestion from the IMAGO Working Condition Committee to significantly increase the focus on unacceptable working hours and working conditions, were also unanimously agreed during the IMAGO Board meeting at Manaki.
14-16 hour days is the new normal for many production companies around the World. For international cinematographers and for many of our other good colleagues in film production, this is perhaps their greatest concern. The long hours is detrimental to family life, it is unhealthy, it greatly reduces safety on set, it hinders diversity, it influences the quality of our images, and it hinders satisfactory recruitment to the film industry as a whole.
This practice cannot go on!
IMAGO will seek cooperation with all partners in the industry, from sister creative´s federations to national and international film worker´s unions, to form a joint focus on this important problem.

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