IMAGO Technical committee rearrangement

The IMAGO is delighted to announce the addition of the following well experienced cinematographers, a colour scientist and a colourist as new associate members to their Technical Committee (ITC):

The new associate members are:

  • Dave Stump (ASC)
  • Charles Poynton PhD (Colour scientist)
  • Alfonso Parra (AEC, ADFC)
  • Stefan Grandinetti (BVK)
  • Dirk Meier (colourist) (BVK)

The participation of these new members reinforces the study researches in the areas of HDR and colour science. Technology is always evolving and it’s crucial for cinematographers to be attentive to new trends.

The rest of the committee is composed of:

Active members

Aleksej Berkovic (RGC)

John Daly (BSC)

Mario Costa (AIP)

Joe Dunton (BSC) (MBE)

Juan Antonio Fernandez (AEC)

Kommer Klejin (SBC)

Zekeriya t Kurtulus (GYD)

Alex Linden (FSF) (co-chairman)

Patrick Lindenmaier (CSC)

Jannicke Mikkelsen (FNF)

Andres Holcke Petersen (DFF)

Claire Pijman (NSC)

Philippe Ros (AFC) (co-chairman)

John Christian Rosenlund (FNF)

Mick van Rossum (NSC)

Alex Sterian (RSC)

Ivar Taim (ESC)

Piet de Vries (ACS)

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