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Both Velinda Wardell ACS & Ron Johanson OAM ACS are part of the IMAGO committee.

BFI Diversity and Inclusion materials »
principles and guidance for tackling and preventing bullying and harassment in the screen industries: »
IMAGO will present an expanded panel discussion at Camerimage this year. This topic is a matter of importance that the ACS should work towards becoming more actively involved in.

During the committee meeting held at the recent Imago IAGA in Belgrade we discussed possible ideas for future activities. Casper Hoyberg mentioned that the Danish Film Institute has done an extensive study on the 2012-2017 diversity situation in Danish Film, but for some reason cinematographers were not included. Our IMAGO Committee will contact the DFI and urge them to also publish data about cinematographers.

There was interest expressed to have some kind of guidelines for inclusive behaviour on set. Nina looked into it and we can share with you the BFI Diversity and Inclusion materials:

Among which includes an extensive document about the principles and guidance for tackling and preventing bullying and harassment in the screen industries:

One of the topics that came up was if it is even possible to change the status quo of the countries where the diversity situation is appalling and both Ron and Astrid urged that action done in their countries has actually changed the picture a lot. Ron used Bonnie Elliott ACS as an example of crewing parity, which Bonnie works very hard to achieve and does so successfully. This gave us an idea of writing an article for the IMAGO webpage and also BC Magazine about the success stories from different countries, that could inspire other countries to take action

Another topic that was raised was to bring gender parity into IMAGO internal rules and also have gender parity in the juries of IMAGO awards. We have discussed this after the meeting with Louis Philippe Capelle and he concluded that this should be encouraged strongly, but to put it into the rules at this time, would make it even harder to find committee and jury members than it already is.

Addressing the ubiquitous “whiteness” of IAGA , Mark Swadel from NZ had an excellent idea that IMAGO could allocate a sum to support travel from less represented areas to IAGAs. We have agreed to try to fund this idea and this will be put into funding application of our Committee.
We have an idea to hold our next Committee meeting and maybe even a small event during Oslo Digital Cinema Conference, subject to confirmation still, but all your thoughts on this are also more than welcome.

Astrid Heubrandtner who is President of the Austrian Society sent through a remarkable video with interviews from Six women sharing the challenges and complexities of life as a modern cinematographer.

Those featured in the 11 minute short documentary were Interviews with Reed Morano, Autumn Eakin, Kate Arizmendi, Allison Anderson, Maria Rusche, and Emoni Aikens.

The Director was Demi Waldron and I see no reason why the ACS shouldn’t produce a similar documentary to share with the rest of the Imago community. I’m pretty certain the link is on our web site, but if not it will be shortly.

Ron Johanson OAM ACS

National President
Australian Cinematographers Society

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