The Alexa LF Mini on tour

ARRI are currently carrying out a tour in order to let cinematographers in different countries get more closely acquainted with the new Alexa LF Mini, which was introduced during NAB in April earlier this year. Monday, June 10th the time had come for Sweden and Stockholm, and Camera Nordic AB, the Swedish ARRI representative, arranged an ”Open House” event to this end..

IMG 2714
IMG 2722
Lukas Eisenhauer, FSF, and Björn Bondeson, FSF, were there
IMG 2723
Director/DoP Miko Lazic likes the ergonomics of the LF Mini

That is of course it wasn't completely open to the public, but the members of the FSF were invited and showed up in respectable numbers to get acquainted with all the equipment that had been lined up on display in the Camera Nordic facilities on Västmannagatan in Stockholm. ARRI experts, like ARRI Business development manager Mark Dollery, had flown in from the UK for the occasion. This meant that even the trickiest questions about the equipment could be sorted out on the spot. Two days later, Wednesday the 12th, the ARRI mini-tour continues to Oslo Norway, and then it's our Norwegian colleagues’ turn to learn more about this exciting new camera.

“Article and photos by Lars Pettersson FSF”

IMG 2731
Pelle Mellqvist, FSF honorary member, and 1st AC Rasmus Frostell.
Pelle and his partner Caj Müller have already ordered two Alexa LF
Minis for their rental house Cameraten on Surbrunnsgatan in Stockholm

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