Tomàs Pladevall AEC Honoured at Cataluña Filmoteca

Tomàs Pladevall AEC one of the IMAGO founders will be the center of a deserved homage by the Cataluñan Filmoteca.
IMAGO also would like to join symbolically this moment by sending our best regards wishing to be a great moment of celebration of cinematography and for this great man who we have in IMAGO great respect and admiration.

The IMAGO founding meeting in Rome, December 1992. We can see in the second row
(crouching) the second one from left to right Tomàs Pladevall wearing a green jacket.
Tomàs was part of the meeting even before AEC was founded. As Luciano Tovoli
says the Spanish were about to found their society and that was the reason they were
invited and inspired to get creted  In the same group we can see also Tote Trenas AEC
(in the red shirt) who became later IMAGO president in the period 1996-98

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The Filmoteca de Cataluña pays homage to the cinematographer on April 24 and 25 in two sessions in which Tomàs Pladevall will present the movie «GAUDÍ» (1988) directed by Manuel Huerga, and «TREN DE SOMBRAS» (1996) directed by José Luis Guerin. Before it will be presented documents of the preparation and filming of these amazing films which are extracted from the files that the Tomàs himself has given to the Filmoteca Catalana.

Tomàs Pladevall (1946) is one of the most representative cinematographers of Catalan cinematography. His works with Bellmunt, Herralde, Camino, Nunes, Luna, Benpar, Pons, Portabella, Guardiet, Vergés, Gas, Huerga or Guerín are proof of the great stylistic variety and aesthetic exploration of his work.

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