Fritz Maeder SCS 1936_2018

We only knew very recently the unfortunate news about the decease of our good swiss friend Fritz Maeder SCS. He died on the 23rd of November 2018. For many years Fritz was the face of the swiss society in IMAGO meetings. He was always quiet. He rarely intervene in the discussions. Every time he did was gentle and had a good sense of humour. His attitude gained respect from his peers.

There is one funny episode that we should tell because it was funny. It happened in 2004 during the IMAGO General Assembly in Budapest. Fritz E. MaederThe situation within IMAGO was seriously bad due to the production of the book «Making Pictures» and it was decided to that the assembly should take vote of confidence over the presidency and the board in function. So as Fritz Maeder was from Switzerland, considered a neutral country he was the right person to appoint to count the secret ballots. At the end of the counting Fritz announced the results and the majority had given the confidence for the board to remain in power. The meeting continued and later Fritz asked to have the word and he declared that he was in doubt about the counting, because he interpreted the yes as to be a no, so the voting was the other way around. The confusing was installed. The English language was not well interpreted not only by Fritz but everybody in the room was also confused by given their votes interpreting also wrongly. There was no more voting and the voting was nullified. The board remained for a few more months until it was taken down later.

Fritz Maeder SCS was a great friend of IMAGO and one of the pioneers who have contributed for the growth of the federation.

He use the words of actual SCS President Patrick Lindenmaier SCS. «He was a passionate, highly regarded Cinematographer and enjoyed a lot to represent our society at IMAGO»

IMAGO would like to address its condolences to his SCS society colleagues, friends and family.   

2003 IAGA2003smFritz Maeder SCS .Seating he his the third counting from right to left. IAGA 2003 in Budapest.  

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