Jean-Pierre Beauviala 1937-2019

One of the greatest engineers and inventors of all times past way last 8th of April at the age of 82. The French electronic engineer from south of France invented a revolutionary 16mm camera that changed the way of film making. In 1967 he invented for Èclair company a sync quartz-controlled motor, which enabled cameras and audio recorders to operate in sync without a cable. The company was sold to England and Jean-Pierre Beauviala founded with two more colleagues the AATON company. The new firm was based in his city Grenoble near t switzerland where cameras were manufactured like the series of AATON XTR to LTR. The A-Minima camera and the Penelope a 35mm camera. An attempt to build a digital camera was also one of his endeavours. Time code registered on film, sound recording devices like the Cantar. The integrated video-assist plus the perfect ergonomics that the Aaton 16mm cameras offered were a breaking of age inventions.

jean pierre beauviala by manuel braun for teleram franceThe world of cinema loses one of its great inventors. Cinema today wouldn’t be the same without him. The impact of his invention of the small portable camera can be seen in this documentary of 2011 directed by Mandy Chang

The ASC has paid tribute last year to Jean-Pierre Beauviala  

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