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It will be held very soon the third conference on researching and teaching Cinematography the so called « Cinematography in Progress » It is fully booked and near 100 participants are attending the conference representing more than 21 different countries from all over the world. The gathering will be taking place in Brussels in two major Belgium film schools RITCS and INSAS.
IMAGO is very proud through its Education Committee for putting up such a big event with a mint organization and communication put in place by the two main organizers Ella van den Hove and Marijke Van Kets both teachers in the two above mentioned schools. The University of Lusófona from Lisbon-Portugal is also an associate partner school. This is the second time the conference takes place in Belgium. One year ago it was organized in Munich at the HFF TV Film school.
We would like also to have a kind word to our supporters. The industry partners also joined the initiative: Avolon, Kodak, Vantage and SONY. The institutional organizations, Screen Brussels and HELB. Mediarte for all the wonderful design and online support. Finally to SBS the Belgium Society of Cinematiographers member of IMAGO for hosting this event.

International conference on teaching and researching Cinematography


 4, 5 & 6 of April 2019
Cinematography in Progress


The organization of the 3th International Conference on teaching and researching Cinematography hosted by RITCS and INSAS, Brussels and in association with the Lusofona University, Portugal, invites cinematographers, teachers and film faculty to participate at the round tables during the conference held in Brussels 4-5-6 April 2019.

The overall subject of the conference is Cinematography and in a wider context visual storytelling for fiction films. A key dimension of the conference is to discuss the current trends in cinematography and how this should be applied to future teaching in film school and other educational facilities. The focus is on the connection between the methodologies of researching cinematography and teaching cinematography.


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partners of this event are IMAGO, the European federation of Cinematographers and SBC, the Belgian Society of Cinematographers


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