IMAGO is pleased with the voting result in the European Union.

The new EU Copyright Directive was voted in favour for in the EU Parliament and will shortly become law in all EU Countries.

The law secures creators work from being freely exploited on the Internet.
Google has been spending 300 million Euros on lobbying companies trying to oppose this new law and Julia Reda from the German “Pirate Party”, says this new law will kill Internet as we know it.

stand up for culture

But if big internet companies can only survive by unjustly and freely using and exploiting copyright holder´s works without paying any fair remuneration at all, well so be it.
IMAGO was invited to join to work with our European copyright holder colleagues on this important campaign and lobbying group together with several other European authorship federations, writers, composers, SAA, FERA, and many more.
To IMAGO, almost as important as having succeeded in making the EU ministers vote to see that fair remuneration for copyright holders now will be protected and implemented, is the fact that IMAGO was asked as a partner to join this important copyright holders fight.
We can only conclude that the view amongst our other European authorship holder colleagues, is that cinematographers now is regarded as a natural partner when issues of authorship arises on the European agenda.

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