Ed Lachman ASC IMAGO International Award for Lifetime Achievement in Cinematography

The IMAGO International Award for

Lifetime Achievement in Cinematography

Ed Lachman ASC

 Cover photo: by Jon Fauer

Renowned cinematographer Ed Lachman ASC can certainly draw a crowd. When and wherever he appears students and cinematographers across all genres listen to each and every word and can see first hand his compelling images up there on the screen.

With numerous Awards including Oscar nominations for the exquisite “Carol” and “Far from Heaven” along with ASC Awards, BSC and BAFTA awards, a Camerimage Golden Frog for “Carol”, 2 Independent Film Spirit Awards and many more. Some of his screen credits are; “Mildred Pierce”, “Paradies – Liebe”, “Wonderstruck”, “The Virgin Suicides”, “A Prairie Home Companion”, “Stryker”, which all feature not only his beautiful cinematography but his contribution to the whole filmmaking process. Without doubt Ed Lachman ASC is a cinematographer whose storytelling capacity bridges the divide and demands you take notice. He is a cinematographer whose use of light and composition is inspirational and a collaborator who uses everything in his creative tool box to bring the Director’s vision to reality. His distinctive yet minimalist style ensures the audience is totally immersed within the story, and the journey the Director wants to takes you on.

But there is much more to Ed Lachman, he is a humanitarian, and one who encourages, supports and above all he is a cinematographer who has the capacity to empower the Director to go further and not be restricted by technology or any other barriers. His great skill as a cinematographer and his willingness to learn in many ways has been Ed Lachman’s process from the start; by means of techniques, ideas, and personal relationships, he has advanced the art of cinematography and does so to this day.


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