The IMAGO International Award for Extraordinary Contribution to the Art of Cinematography

The IMAGO International Award for Extraordinary Contribution to the Art of Cinematography is given to 
The Manaki Brothers ICFF Film Festival

 The IMAGO International Cinematographer´s Award for Extraordinary Contribution to Cinematography for 2019 goes to the oldest film festival in the world with a special focus on the art of cinematography and this year celebrates it´s 40th anniversary.

The Manaki Brothers International Cinematographers Festival was established in 1979 and is named after the Macedonian pioneers in cinematography, the brothers Milton and Yanaki Manaki.

The Manaki Festival reminds us of what it is to be influenced and inspired by images seen through the lens of many fine cinematographers. However, Manaki is much more than just a Festival it is an ideology, a meeting place for all lovers of the moving image and those who stand steadfastly behind a camera creating such memorable images.

Manaki has always had the art of international cinematography as their main focus, and have honored numerous iconic cinematographers, but perhaps even more important, the festival has been instrumental in finding and recognising new and emerging international talent in cinematography.

A small but very effective organization, Manaki has become a truly global film festival
with a truly dedicated festival team with extraordinary overview, love and knowledge of films and cinematography, along with highly dedicated festival directors who have the ability to find, select and bring the best international films and the best international cinematographers to be part of a Festival that has truly become a beacon for the art of cinematography, and indeed for all cinematographers.

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