Cancelled: “Future Oscar celebrations only for the Stars?”

By Paul René Roestad FNF – IMAGO President

Recently, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), announced that the presentation of Oscar nominees and winners for Cinematography and several other central film production artists will no longer be broadcast live, but will from now on be presented later, in an edited and shortened version.

Many reacted strongly to this suggestion, not least IMAGO. You can read the full letter IMAGO sent to AMPAS HERE.
React did also numerous cinematographers, friends and colleagues around the globe.
Among them many distinguished Cinematographer´s Societies, and not least also Vittorio Storaro ASC AIC and Camerimage director Marek Żydowicz, reacted strongly.

And our joint protests succeeded!
A short while ago, AMPAS withdrew their suggestion, and the coming Oscar Awards celebration will be arranged without these major suggested changes.

We warmly thank The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and their leader John Bailey ASC, for so wisely reversing this suggestion!
And we thank all Cinematographer´s Societies and individuals who greatly contributed to the protest and successful outcome!
Again it is proved; Together, our voice is vastly stronger!

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