ASBH Awards 2018.

On January 19, 2019, the Association of Cinematographers of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ASBH) presented the annual awards to the best BH cinematographers for the first time in its history.

IMG 9838The President of the ASBH, Mustafa Mustafić - Pujdo, during his inauguration speech and after announcing the membership of the first female BH cinematographer, Vedrana Mijić – Ušanović, emphasized the importance and role of cinematographers in the film industry of which many are noted and rewarded. "We somehow realized that we don't know each other enough, who is filming what and how. So we came up with the idea of making cinematographers' work review. Colleagues have submitted their best works we all watched and voted for," Mustafić said. He pointed out that he was particularly pleased that voting happened in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere as well as the cognition of presented works' quality. "The works we saw confirm we have top cinematographers among us," he emphasized. The awards were presented for the best 2017/2018 works in six categories: feature film, film/TV series, documentary film, short feature film, commercial, and music video. The special award was presented for cooperation with the camera sector.

The winners are: Erol Zubčević - Feature Film "Never Leave Me", Dragan Radetić and Saša Petković – Series "Meat", Amel Đikoli - Documentary Film "Scream for me Sarajevo", Eldar Emrić - Short Feature Film "Breath", Admir Švrakić - Music Video, Helem Nejse "Bosnia", Faris Dobrača – Commercial Video, BH Telecom "My TV as never before", and gaffer Safet Kutlovac who won the award for the cooperation with the camera sector.

The winners of the feature film, film/TV series, and documentary film categories are also the ASBH candidates for the IMAGO Awards, which will be held in Belgrade in March 2019.
Appreciation plaques were presented to the Producer, Đorđe Vranješ, as well as to the President of the Serbian Society of Cinematographers (SAS) and Board Member of the IMAGO International Association, Predrag Bambić. Bambić, who has helped the ASBH significantly as Mustafić stated, acknowledged his colleagues and emphasized that this award ceremony is the way of a fight for the affirmation of the professions that are every film production base.

The ASBH was formed in 2010 and gathers 32 memebers from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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