CINEC becomes an annually event

International Trade Fair for Cine Equipment and Technologies
21 - 23. September 2019 
Munich - Germany

The CINEC will be held annually in future - the next date will be September 21 - 23, 2019. 

Due to persistent digital upheval, the world of moving images is expanding and changing rapidly: Radically shifting market conditions, new formats, multi platforms and "smart" user behaviour in the always-on-society are driving forces behind the dynamic development of efficient and intelligent solutions.

Everyone involved in the business needs to be able to differentiate between seminal business models and marketing hype. Constant information and communication with experts are more essential than ever before.

The CINEC as a clearly focused high-end trade fair offers an annual meeting and profitable platform to showcase the newest, cutting-edge technology to professionals engaged in the film-, tv- and video industry - a place to test, to discuss and to connect with experts and industry leaders.

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