Alfred Piffl passed away

We inform with deepest regret that Alfred Piffl from P+S Technik passed away. Alfred Piffl through his company P+S Technik based in Munich, along with other partners and alliances have created some of the most innovating tools for the industry.

He started the company back in early 90’s by adapting and developing camera movements for ARRI BL cameras. But as a visionary engineer he developed other tools like the Skater Mini camera dolly that granted him a recognition with the Technical Achievement Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Both P+S Technik and cinematographer Sebastian Cramer developed the successful system of camera movement in small spaces with precision. This tool was developed way long before the DSLR wave. The company has developed a lot more. Developed the SI-2K system in cooperation with Silicon Imaging, 3D stereo rigs, the high speed camera Weisscam HS in cooperation with cinematographer Stefan Weiss, rehousing vintage lenses giving a second life to lenses like recently the Kowa anamorphic lenses and not the least the development of a extraordinary tool highly used in the period of transition from analogue imaging to digital imaging the adaptor Mini35 image converter to be used with miniDv cameras. This tool gave to video cameras a less videographic look and reduced the depth of field thus reducing the sensation of the video hard look of the image. In the same period of time Alfred was deeply committed also to the development of a film scanner lab machine to scan films from analogue to digital and vice-versa.
Cinema today is poorer without Alfred Piffle who has given so much to the industry with his visionary mind. Alfred was also a very nice gentleman. Always willing to listen, patient to explain, delicate in his manners and a extraordinary person to make business with. It was for IMAGO a great honour to have had him in our inaugural awards ceremony last year in Helsinki where we spent together a very pleasant time.
IMAGO would like to offer our sincere condolences to Alfred’s family and friends for such a moment of sadness. The best homage we can give to Alfred is using the tools he wisely created to support cinematographers all over the world.

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