Our Colombian member Alfonso Parra AEC, ADFC has performed a new lens Test. This time dedicated to the new series from ARRI the «Signature» prime lenses . The tests were performed with an with Alexa LF and that can be seen in the next three links below. The tests centered in rendering, sharpenss, texture and the overall quality of the lenses with the large sensor. The report this time is presented a bit differently then previous tests, The conclusions are presented in the manner of an «interview» where Alfonso responds to questions relative to the testing. Please check the pdf file HERE and the links below. For the spanish version click HERE
Videos of the tests can be seen at:
Ráquira. Colombia https://vimeo.com/307146957
Technical review. https://vimeo.com/307149549
Making of. https://vimeo.com/307151741

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