BAFTA and ASC cinematography nominations


BAFTA and ASC have already announced their nominees for this season awards. The IMAGO International Awards will be announced by the 2nd of February. The nominations for both occasions are very similar
For BAFTA and ASC the nominee awards in common for best cinematography.
Alfonso Cuarón for «Roma»
Robbie Ryan, BSC, ISC by «The Favourite»
Linus Sandgren, ASC, FSF «First Man»
Łukasz Żal, PSC «Cold War»

The only difference is Matthew Libatique ASC «A Star is Born» nominated for the ASC awards and for the British Academy Film Newton Thomas Sigel ASC is included for «Bohemian Rhapsody».
The BAFTA awards ceremony will be held on 10th of February and the ASC awards a day before on February 9th. The ASC is also commemorating its centennial anniversary and giving Robert Richardson the ASC Lifetime Achievement Award and to Jeff Jur will receive the Career Achievement in Television Award.

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