Thomas Popp ARRI passed away

Photo credit: Camerimage

Thomas Popp left us on December 3rd. IMAGO cannot let pass clear without signalling it properly remembering this excellent human being. It is always very sad to report a departure of a friend. Thomas Popp was an IMAGO friend since many years. We met Thomas in 2006 at camerimage in Lödz. At the time IMAGO was facing a deep crisis caused by the publication of the book «Making Pictures». IMAGO was short in delivering a certain number of copies of the book and the board at the time with Andreas Fischer-Hansen DFF as president went to Camerimage to meet people to solve some problems related to the book. We planned to meet the responsible of ARRI so we ask to have a meeting with Thomas Popp. Our intention was to explain the reason why we couldn’t comply on time to deliver the copies that was promised to ARRI as it was in the contract. We were a bit nervous about the situation because we didn’t know what to expect from the meeting and we didn’t know what to propose to solve the deal. We knew that we had to face the problem frontally and honestly with Thomas. So we did. At the end of the meeting we were over helmed by Thomas attitude. Not only a solution was quickly found by Thomas but the extra motivation he gave us to continue our pursuit to bring up IMAGO from the crisis and to make us believe that we could do it in a short term. He was right. It was very comforting and a unforgettable meeting. 

Since then IMAGO always got from Thomas his sympathy and kindness. It was already a bit sad when we knew his retirement from ARRI but much more now that we no longer see him in the Camerimage corridors, being always the ARRI man even so many years after his retirement from the company.
We would like to our condolences to his family and friends.
Fortunately ARRI has this short film about Thomas we leave you with this link to watch HERE

Tony Costa aip
IMAGO website editor

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