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Slovene Association of Cinematographers ZFS organised a review of films from the territories of former Yugoslavia. Eleven films with recognised excellence in photographic achievements in the past two years assessed and selected by national societies of cinematographers from Bosnia and Herzegovina (ASBH), Serbia (SAS), Macedonia (MSC), Croatia (HFS) and Slovenia (ZFS) were screened in Slovenian cinematheque in Ljubljana from 2nd to 5th November 2018. Each association was invited to submit one feature film, one documentary film and one short film. Some of the members of the aforementioned societies and authors of the submitted films attended the review and following the screenings there was discussion about the making of specific movies.

1 balKam
Member of balkam film review in front of Slovenian Cinematheque

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Cinematographers like music too. Jure Černec, ZFS president

Project balKam has evolved from meetings with fellow directors of photography in Helsinki (IAGA IMAGO annual general assembly and IMAGO cinematography awards) in Belgrade (“Slika u pokretu”, Serbian association of cinematographers’ festival) and in Bitola – Manaki brothers film festival – where for the past years cinematographers’ forums under the organisation of IMAGO have been held. We have realised that we have similar obstacles at work with our Balkan colleagues and sensed high level of interest for such an event – balKam. This also presented an opportunity to promote Slovenian films in the region of former Yugoslavia and vice versa. Besides the fact that this is great opportunity to discus working issues it is also important to see what cinematographers from neighbouring countries are creating.

Later in the year 2019, after the review of films in Slovenian cinematheque, there is a chance of screenings of the same selection of films in Skopje, Zagreb, Sarajevo and Belgrade cinematheque. Perhaps even in Pristina. This way project balKam will travel through all former Yugoslav states. For the first balKam festival we have decided to invite only former Yugoslav countries - associations of cinematographers - though in the future there is a possibility of balKam expansion and inclusion of films from Greece, Romania and Bulgaria.

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Panel of working conditions: Darko Herič ZFS, Miloš Spasojević SAS,
Darko Linta HFS, Andrej Lupinc ZFS, Afrim Spahiu (Kosovo), Dejan
Dimeski MSC, Mustafa Mustafič ASBH

Simon Tanšek ZFS, Mustafa Mustafič ASBH, Andrej Lupinc ZFS

Directors of photography in Kosovo are in the process of establishing their own association of cinematographers therefore we respectfully invited one director of photography from Kosovo as an additional encouragement to form their own association. Cinematographers in Monte Negro are, to our knowledge, still in disarray and are as such unable to select films to be presented at this year’s balKam.

Besides the screenings of feature, documentary and short films there was a panel on working conditions in the area of Balkans. A talk with cinematographers from Croatia (Darko Linta,HFS), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Mustafa Mustafič, ASBH), Serbia (Miloš Spasojević, SAS), Macedonia (Dejan Dimeski,MSC), Kosovo (Afrim Spahiu) and Slovenia (Andrej Lupinc, ZFS). Was moderated by Darko Herič, ZFS.

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Lecture cinematographers rights, Peter Kep from AIPA Predrag Bambić, SAS

Bosnian director of photography Mustafa Mustafić, ASBH gave an introduction to his book “Vonj po filmskem traku” (The Smell of Film Stock) in which he writes about his way of life and his profession as cinematographer. It was moderated by Darko Herič, ZFS.

Collecting Society of Authors, Performers and Film Producers of Audio-visual Works of Slovenia (AIPA) gave a lecture on rights management in countries of former Yugoslavia. Peter Kep (AIPA) gave us a lecture with a title Where are cinematographers in the System of the Collective Management of Copyright?

The films that were screened were from:
- Macedonia
feature film Would You Look at Her (Vidi ja ti nea) director of photography: Naum Doksevski MSC, director: Goran Stolevski, Macedonia, 2017
short film Three Days in September (Tri dana u septembru) director of photography: Dimo Popov MSC, director: Darijan Pejovski, Macedonia, 2015
- Serbia
feature film Out of the Woods (Kozje uši) director of photography: Miloš Spasojević SAS, director: Marko Kostić, Serbia, 2017
- Bosnia and Herzegovina
feature film Flesh (Meso) directors of photography: Dragan Radetić ASBH and Saša Petković ASBH, director: Saša Hajduković, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2018 documentary film Saraj'vo directors of photography: Mustafa Mustafić ASBH, Almir Đikoli ASBH, Faris Dobrača ASBH, director: Mustafa Mustafić, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2017 short film Breath (Dah) director of photography: Eldar Emrić ASBH, director: Ermin Bravo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2018

- Croatia
feature film The Constitution (Ustav Republike Hrvatske) director of photography: Branko Linta HFS, director: Rajko Grlić, Croatia, 2016
short film Where the Sparrow Hides When It's Cold (Gdje se vrabac skriva kad je hladno) director of photography: Stanko Hercog HFS, directors: Denis Lepur, Marko Stani ć, Croatia, 2017
- Slovenia
feature film Ivan director of photography: Marko Brdar ZFS, director: Janez Burger, Slovenia, 2017
documentary film The Last Ice Hunters (Zadnji ledeni lovci) director of photography: Rožle Bregar ZFS, directors: Jure Breceljnik, Rožle Bregar, Slovenia, 2017
short film Apoptosis (Apoptoza) director of photography: Nejc Saje ZFS, director: Tomaž Gorkič, Slovenia, 2017

balKam – review of films was organised by Združenje filmskih snemalcev Slovenije ZFS (Slovene Association of Cinematographers ZFS), soorganised by: Slovenska kinoteka (Slovenian Cinematheque), AIPA, k.o. (Collecting Society of Authors, Performers and Film Producers of Audiovisual Works of Slovenia, k.o.), IMAGO (European Federation of Cinematographers) and Zveza DSFU (Federation of Slovenian Filmmakers’ Guilds).

Simon Tanšek, ZFS secretary

PHOTOS: Kristina Bursać

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Neum Doksevski MSC and Sašo Štih ZFS Igor Prassel, Mustafa Mustafič ASBH, Faris Dobrača ASBH, Almir Džikoli ASBH
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balKam members Slovenian cinematheque

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