Serbian Awards 2018

Serbian Awards for Cinematography presented during the
Belgrade Cinematography Festival “Picture in Motion”-
Report by Predrag Bambic SAS and Paul René Roestad FNF/IMAGO president.

The annual Cinematography festival „PICTURE IN MOTION“, arranged in the pristine Jugoslovenska Kinoteka theatre in Belgrade, Serbia, was concluded on October 17th with the Serbian Society of Cinematographer´s Award Ceremony for Best Cinematography. The Awards are proclaimed in two categories: Best Cinematography in feature fiction films and the award for the most innovative approach in cinematography. 


awinners and jury
From left: Jure Cernec ZFS (jury member), Milos Spasojevic SAS (jury member), Miksa Andjelic
(Award winner), Milorad Glusica, father of Award winner Kosta Glusica (absent), Daniele Nannuzzi AIC (Jury President), Paul René
Roestad FNF (IMAGO President), and SAS President and toastmaster Predrag Bambic SAS.

The jury, presided by Daniele Nannuzzi AIC and participated by Jure Cernec ZFS and last-year’s festival award-winner Milos Spasojevic SAS assessed the latest works of the cinematographers of the eight Serbian selected films from the last year’s fiction film production. Kosta Glusica SAS was awarded for the cinematography of sci-fi film „EDERLEZI RISING“. Since he was away on a production, his Award was received by his father Milorad Glusica. Miksa Andjelic was awarded for socially-engaged „ZLOGONJE“. The Awards were presented to fellow cinematographers by IMAGO president Mr. Paul Rene Roestad FNF.

aDaniele and Predrag
From left: Jury President Daniele Nannuzzi AIC and SAS President
Predrag Bambic SAS.

All screenings were very well visited. Film screenings were complemented by three workshops: “Cinematographer and the digital age”, “Stylization of the film picture” and “Cinematographer and his author rights”.
The Serbian film festival and Awards presentation is an important initiative by SAS and their President Predrag Bambic, together with Milos Spasojevic and strongly backed by their Board and many helping hands. A really great arrangement which places the many superb cinematographers in Serbia deservedly in focus.









acocktail at end acocktail at opening

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awinners and jury

aIMG 4384 aopening


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