Camerimage impressions

by Lars Pettersson FSF

Between the 10th and 17th of November the 26th edition of the Camerimage International film Festival took place in Bydgoszcz, Poland. Boasting almost 300 film screenings and close to 100 seminars and workshops, the Camerimage festival is such an embarrassment of riches for the cineaste that it is obviously impossible for one person to absorb it all. Here are some impressions and observations.


A MG 4536
Dan Hammond, Panavision Hollywood, with vintage Ultra
Panavision prime lens

Opera Nova is the magnificent Opera House that houses at Camerimage and all its activities, including the extensive manufacturers

AIMG 0292
The Panavision booth

exhibition that fills the second floor to capacity - but the film festival is also distributed over many other locations all over Bydgoszsc! At Opera Nova there is furious activity spread out over several auditoriums where seminars, Q&As and Master Classes are held.

a MG 4622
One such Masterclass centers on a panel discussion featuring
distinguished cinematographers from the AFC, the French Society of cinematographers.
It is moderated by renowned cinema journalist Benjamin B – of
who can be seen here demonstrating a Joker 400/800 spotlight from french company

Another interesting seminar was hosted by Sony – represented by Sebastian Leske - and Netflix, and showcased the Sony Venice camera and it’s performance on the shoot of a recent Polish TV production as well as on a very special documentary shot by Norwegian cinematographer Sven-Erling Brusletto in Greenland with Cooke anamorphic lenses. Brusletto had also used a Sony E-mount 24 – 70 mm zoom on this documentary and it produced stunning images while yet being very small and compact in size. One area in which the Sony Venice camera received a lot of praise was the fact that the camera is ready to record a mere 7 seconds after you flip it’s main switch on – a very useful feature when shooting a documentary.



ALasseBio 4478
Luc Bara leaning on a Varicam Pure camera in the Panasonic
booth. All posters in the background are productions shot on
various versions of the Varicam (35, LT etc).


aSophia Linus Alex
From Sweden, Sophia Olsson, FSF, Linus Sandgren, FSF, and Alex Lindén, FSF.  Linus
was here representing the film ”First Man”  in the main event competition, and Sophia
represented the film ”The Charmer”, competing  in the Baltic Cinema Review.
AIMG 0265

The Camerimage festival was rounded off with an impressive closing ceremony on Saturday 17th, during which Marek Żydowicz, the festivals president, held a rousing and passionate speech, stressing the mounting difficulties that the arrangers face in putting together the festival. The reverberations of this speech continued to inspire further discussion among the festival guests as we all set out to return home to our respective countries, as keeping the Camerimage festival healthy and running well is a top priority for the international community of cinematographers.

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