IMAGO and ASC at Camerimage 2018

IMAGO and the American Society of Cinematographers ASC collaborated in arranging a panel of cinematographers and Netflix representatives to discuss the rapidly growing impact the large international series producers, like Netflix, have influencing international film production, and not least cinematographers.

From left to right: Jimmy Fusil Netflix, Dan Procter, Micheal Keegan, Suki Medencevic, Philippe Ros AFC, Manuel
Alberto Claro DFF and Dan Lausten ASC DFF

Moderated by Suki Medencevis ASC, and with cinematographer panel participants  Dan Lausten DFF ASC, Manuel Alberto Claro DFF, Philippe Ros AFC and David Procter, and with Netflix participants Michael Keegan and Jimmy Fusil, the seminar was so fully packed people had to sit in the theatre stairs. Many cinematographers present was eagerly interested in hearing more about Netflix 4k standards, and it was thoroughly discussed.

Several cinematographers expressed their concern, and said they felt “a little offended” not to be able to discuss more openly what is most suitable tools for the visual expression of the production. Jimmy Fusil from Netflix said the reason for their 4k standard was future utilization of the content and archival reasons.

What cinematographers was very satisfied with, was Netflix intent to have a continuous and open dialogue with cinematographers about this and all other areas of concern. Netflix are dependent on a good relationship with international cinematographers, dialogue is the only way to find solutions all can accept, and that this dialogue and collaboration is a permanent part of the Netflix philosophy. Netflix will in the years to come expand their international productions further. They can now boast 1000 original productions, and with a production of between 100 and 200 films/series a year and operating in 190 Countries, they have quickly become the major influential production company in the World, and this trend will continue to expand.



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