The 13th edition of the Film Spring Open Workshop has come to an end.

An international and interdisciplinary film training, the Film Spring Open Workshop, held in Krakow, Poland has come to an end. The 10-day event, organized with the support of Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union, started on the 17th of October and gathered over 300 participants and dozens of members of academic and technical staff.

This year's edition proved once again that the Film Spring Workshop has become one of the biggest audiovisual workshops of new technologies in the world. Participants working individually or in 23 creative groups made films using the high-tech film equipment worth over 2,6 million euros (PLN 11,5 mln), provided by over 60 technology partners, including world's top brands.

Photo Filip Błażejowski FSO 2Participants had 10 days to prepare, shot and edit their projects. The final show of their films was the celebration of creativity, cooperation and passion for the cinema.

Young filmmakers produced various short forms, including documentaries, commercials, VR and AR projects, interactive internet projects, music videos, animations both in traditional or digital techniques using Unreal Engine, Maxon Cinema 4D, Davinci Resolve 15, AVID and ProTools. They also had an opportunity to develop their treatments and scripts in the screenwriting group led by two top Polish screenwriters or design the poster for their movie.

Apart from practical learning through filmmaking, which is the trademark of the workshop, its educational programme included 35 lectures and Q&As with top specialists and covered such various subjects as new technologies, animation, film debut, international co-productions, Artificial Intelligence, documentary making, psychological aspects of creative work, visual dramaturgy, financing of film projects, production of nano-budget films and many others, also including detailed analyses of films made by the workshop's guests.

Very popular among filmmakers were professional workshops (circa 30) as well as numerous demonstrations of possibilities offered by the newest film software and equipment (Microsoft HoloLens, HoloportalTM - Mixed Reality Experience presentations, AR and VR workshops, workshops on New Production Model, character and Cartoon animation using Cinema 4D, CGI, pitching and synopsis, SFX, editing, motion capture and many, many others).

Group tutoring, lectures and workshops were delivered by renowned specialists and filmmakers, including Oscar winners (two-time winner Neil Corbould or Ewa Puszczyńska).Photo Filip Błażejowski FSO 10

The main theme of the workshop was the New Film Production Model which allows to make films cheaper and better. Participants could test possibilities offered by the Cinebus, a mobile film studio built by the organizers according to the rules of the new production model.

As Sławomir Idziak, the initiator and Artistic Director of the Film Spring Workshop stated during the closing lecture, “this was an exceptional edition regarding both the number and quality of films that were produced during the workshop, and it is clearly visible, that you [participants] learn and make use of modern tools of film language. The team work is also crucial and one can see how long-term collaborations are being initiated here and various professionals meet to experiment together and to develop their skills at the crossroads of different aesthetics.”

The workshop brought together participants from many parts of the world (1/3 of participants being foreigners), meaning that these collaborations are often international or even transcontinental and therefore they build the global network of filmmaking community and create new, exciting possibilities in the film market.

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