AIP tribute to Christian Berger AAC BVK

On the last 4th of October our Austrian colleague Christian Berger AAC BVK received the title of honorary member from the Portuguese Society of Cinematographers AIP while he was in transit trough Lisbon to give a workshop under the FEST organization.

It was a long day for Christian after his trip from Vienna. After arriving in delayed flight we rushed to the Lusofona University where a crowd of people were waiting for us to start the colloquium which lasted for 2 hours but could have been a full day. The conversation was so interesting and rich for the audience. After the colloquium we had to rush again trough heavy traffic to the Portuguese Cinematheque for dinner with a group of aip members and invitees. After that by eating the dessert in hurry we rushed down the 39 steps to watch the film «White Ribbon» which gave Christian the Oscar nomination in 2010 for Best Cinematography. This film became one of his most known works and Christian was highly praised and received quite a number of awards from the extraordinary Black & White photography applied on the Michael Haneke’s film.
The session was opened by the Cinematheque’s Director José Manuel Costa - let’s not forget to mention that he has been a very good friend of the Portuguese society always collaborative with the aip - afterwards Tony Costa awarded the plaque to signal the date and Iana Ferreira member of the Portuguese society and a fan of Christian’s work handed the golden Spectra light Meter which is the trophy which aip gives to its honorary and special members. The first one to get it was Vittorio Storaro last year.

After the screening there was still time for Q&A with an exhausted Christian and we closed the day with a very happy feeling.

Christian received the tribute from the aip in result of his contribution to cinematography and to cinematographers. The invention of his CLRS Cine Reflect Lighting System which some of our members use extensively in their works and of course for a career in cinematography in particular the works with Michael Haneke in the last 2 decades were strong reasons to give this highly recognition.

Tony Costa aip

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Christian Berger e Tony Costa aip president. Iana Ferreira endorses the Golden Spectra Light Meter to Christian.
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A weird pose. José Manuel Costa director da Cinemateque adresses some words to
the audience
 Christian Berger shows proudly his trophies flanked by two female members of aip.
On the left Andreia Santos and on the right Iana Ferreira.
 A crowded place to receive Christian Berger colloquium at Lusofona University.

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