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On 18th November 2017, Mark Milsome was killed age 54 on a film set in Ghana whilst operating a camera for a car stunt that went tragically wrong. It was a chocking happening leaving everybody astonished by the fact that the accident ocurred while in duty and should have never happened. Now a few initiatives like getting up a foundation under is name is now underway in the occasion of the date of the first year of his death.



The Mark Milsome Foundation is inspired by the achievements, character and unique nature of our respected friend and colleague, Mark Milsome who was killed behind his camera whilst filming a car stunt in Ghana 18th November 2017.
We are a non profit registered UK charity which aims to support, encourage and inspire young people, initially through two scholarship programmes, and to raise awareness of the importance of Health and Safety in the Film and Television Industry.
We have established one scholarship in advance of our launch via the Guild of British Camera Technicians Training Programme and will announce a second early in 2019 that will support deserving Film Students to secure mentorship and work experience.
We have taken our core values and ambitions as a charity from the example set by Mark Milsome and believe opportunities should be open to men and women who prove they have the character,
determination and focus needed to thrive in the industry.
We will encourage young people from all parts of the UK, all social and economic backgrounds, all levels of academic achievement,  whether from obscurity or from a recognised educational
programme to work with us. We will require evidence of genuine passion and a strong work ethic before considering anyone to be deserving of support or scholarships in Mark’s name.
As an organisation we are open to exploring other areas, including furthering health and safety, and will evolve in any way that best serves the scholars, the Film and Television Industry and the
memory of Mark Milsome.
Please go to to remember Mark and discover more about the ambitions of the foundation.

Following the tragic death of Mark Milsome on set in Ghana on 18th November 2017 a charitable foundation has been set up in his name by industry professionals, friends and family.
1273288 markmilsome3 26435The Foundation will officially launch early 2019 but as we approach the anniversary of Mark’s death they are inviting cast and crew from the film making community worldwide to honour Mark during the week of 18th - 24th November by wearing a black foundation T shirt on set. The limited edition T shirts will be available to purchase through October from the Foundation website at: with deliveries early November in time for Black - T - Week.
The Foundation are encouraging crew to visit their site to remember Mark and to sign up for updates and the ambitions of the Foundation to help young people in the industry.

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