Teresa Medina first woman holding AEC presidency

The last AEC (The Spanish Association of Directors of Photography) general assembly which was held in San Sebastian has elected a woman for the first time as president. Teresa Medina who has signed more than a dozen of titles was elected in the year that the society celebrates its 25th anniversary.

teresa medina1
Teresa Medina AEC giving her first speech as president

This general assembly was also marked by a decision to change the name of the society to suit the new era. The anterior name "Asociación Española de Directores de Fotografía" is noe added Diretoras (feminine name for director) and now the society will held the name "Asociación Española de Directoras y Directores de Fotografía"

Teresa will be on the board with the support of other two vice-presidents, one also a woman Nuria Roldós and with Paco Belda.

IMAGO congratulates the new president and to wishes to the new board a fruitful and happy mandate.


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