AEC celebrates its 25th anniversary.

José Luis Rebordinos will receive the AEC award


The Spanish Society of Cinematographers AEC was created 25 years ago. In September 21st 1993 the Spanish society was officially announced at the San Sebastian Film Festival.

To commemorate this special occasion the AEC returns to the same place to mark the date and takes the opportunity to honor the festival director José Luis Rebordinos. The attribution of the AEC rebordinos AECaward is in recognition of the constant support cinematographers have been receiving since ever from the festival.

The AEC society is considered to be one of the founders of IMAGO despite at the time of the IMAGO foundation not to be yet officially a society. IMAGO was founded in 1992 in a historical meeting promoted by Luciano Tovoli AIC ASC in Rome where AIC, AFC, BSC and BVK and a Spanish delegation gathered together to create the European Federation. The result of this meeting was crucial for the outcome to found AEC which took place almost one year later in San Sebastian.


IMAGO wishes to AEC members a joyful birthday



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