IMAGO next activities

The IMAGO international Cinematographer´s Award
IMAGO will arrange the next IMAGO International Cinematographer´s awards in Belgrade in March 2019. The IMAGO Awards Committee is working on the arrangement, and will be sending out information and invitation to nominate films soon. All IMAGO member Societies will be invited to nominate films for the competition.

Cinec, Munch, Germany 22nd to 24th September
The Cinec Trade fair for Cine Equipment and Technology will take place from 22nd to 24th of September. There will be a Cine Congress, and outstanding innovations will be honored with CinecximagoljpgAwards. IMAGO will be strongly present, with our own booth. Please come by our booth for a talk and a drink.

Camerimage, Bydgoszcz, 10th to 17th November
IMAGO will also be strongly present at this Mecca for cinematographers. Also, this year we will arrange conferences, master classes and panel debates on the importance of cinematography, and the importance of international collaboration between cinematographers.

International Directory of Cinematographers
IMAGO has started the work to set up a new e-version of our World Directory for cinematographers. Cinematographers will in the new Directory, find “everything they need” when visiting a new city or shooting in any Country around the World: where to hire equipment, contact information and cv´s of DITs, camera crews and camera assistants, grips, studios, post facilities etc etc. The Directory will be accessible for all IMAGO members World-wide, parts of it only accessible with secure log-in.

Inspiration Master Class, Vienna
25th, 26th and 27th of January 2019. Five highly acclaimed and Award winning cinematographers will gather in Vienna in January together with an audience of 150 cinematographers and film enthusiasts, to hold extensive master classes in the Austrian capital. The IMAGO Master Class Committee and its members Astrid Heubrandtner AAC, Jan Weincke DFF, Ron Johansson ACS and Herman Verschuur NSC are working to make this the greatest master class session of all times, and they will succeed.

More information about concrete program and content and registration will follow.


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IMAGO, the European Federation of Cinematographers, is a collaborative, global umbrella for the World´s Cinematographers Societies. IMAGO is the international hub, the direct connection between all international cinematographers belonging to National Cinematographers Societies. IMAGO is the answer to the need of creative and technical discussions between cinematographers worldwide.

IMAGO is not a Union, but a Federation that informs, promotes and defends the relevance of cinematography to the general public, colleagues and the various cultural - political environments.
IMAGO, by bringing together more than 4000 cinematographers from 52 countries, promotes the Art of Cinematography at a National and International level. The networking activities of IMAGO reach more than 10,000 professional cinematographers and related colleagues every month.

Technology is rapidly changing in complexity and sophistication and the
proliferation of new equipment systems has impacted on the role of the cinematographer.
We must unite to face these challenges, defending our profession,
retaining control along with the integrity of our images.

IMAGO’s collaboration with manufacturers of cameras and motion picture
equipment is essential to maximise the cinematographer’s needs.

Education and training will ensure the future of our profession.
By holding Masterclasses, workshops, seminars and conferences
we guarantee the transfer and exchange of information to prepare students

in Cinematography to be effective

in the “real world”.

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We share the same goals as Film Archivist
Organizations and our role together in
restoring and protecting the vast film
heritage is essentia


To honour our members and celebrate
our 25th Anniversary, in October 2017 in
Helsinki, we will host the first Imago International
Awards for Cinematography.


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