Barcelona, The Facade of The Cinema

Barcelona, The Facade of The Cinema. Painting and Seventh Art
An exhibition that combines the art of painting with the cinema

The Royal Artistic Circle of Barcelona hosts from July 19 to August 12, 2018 “Barcelona, The Facade of The Cinema. Painting and Seventh Art”, an exhibition aims to show the importance of the seventh art on the development of civilization through a series of watercolors of facades, some devices which were part of the cinematography technique’s evolution and paintings made by Josep M. Queraltó.

The Fundación Aula de Cine Colección Josep M.Queraltó shows, besides the most social part of the cinematographic history of Barcelona, the background of the cinema through a series of watercolors painted by the artist Josep Marfà. These paintings belong to Josep M. Queraltó collection, one of Europe's most important private film and audiovisual collections, with over 20,000 pieces.

The exhibition includes pieces and paintings of objects that will allow the visitor to understand the background of cinema.

The Catalan capital was a pioneer in the assimilation of the cinema’s invention. We must take into account the large number of theaters that were opened since the beginning of the century. Many of them have unfortunately disappeared, but others are still standing and there are also new cinemas that have appeared in recent years.

A dream that Josep M. Queraltó wants to come true: transform his collection in a historical, educational and interactive museum and make it a reference in Europe.

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