Cinegear LA June 1-2, Paramount Studios

Uk has the BSC show, Italy, France and Spain their Micro Salon; Brazil: la Semana de Cine, Colombia: SIL, el Salon de la Luz, Munich, CINEC; but Los Angeles host CINEGEAR.

Nested in two stages of Paramount Studios in Hollywood as well as in the backlot of the New York Streets, CINEGEAR is huge and packed especially on the Friday.

For the first time, Imago attended and was offered a booth, thanks to Juliane Grosso, between ACS (Australia) and BSC(UK). Perfectly protected from the heavy Sun, on the shadow side of the street.
Paul René Roestad, Tony Costa, Predrag Mabic SAS and Louis Philippe Capelle travelled 3 days ahead of the ICS (International Cinematographer Summit) to host the booth.
Many cinematographers visiting the show popped up, to enjoy the shadow and have a chat with us.IMG 4165

We had prestigious neighbors with Ron Johanson ACS on our left with the ACS and Joe Dunton BSC, Nigel Walters BSC, Ron Prince and Alan Lowne on our right together with the BSC and their magazine.
The show is spread on a vast area with almost all manufacturers represented, some with a huge surface floor, especially in the 2 soundstages were cameras and lighting were displayed. We are impressed and immediately we understood this is where all happen. This is Hollywood man!

We met many of our friends, all sponsors of Imago: RED, Panavision, Arri, Angenieux, Schneider, P+S, K5600, Transvideo, Zeiss, CW Sonderoptics, LCA ,…to name a few.
To enjoy the freshness, a smart drink and food at lunch, all VIP’s gathered at the MBS-Pinewood bar located on the corner of the main street. It is a great and quieter place to meet and have business talk.

So great opportunity and discovery for us, definitely, we will be back….


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