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The 3rd ASC International cinematography summit (ICS) closed once again with great success. The whole program planed by the ASC International committee lead by Suki Medencevic ASC SAS along with Patty, Delphine and Alex and Alex got involved a record number of 80 delegates representing 40 societies around the globe. Perhaps more than half of the delegates in representation of their societies are cinematographers living in LA whom keep strong links with their homeland societies.


Los Angeles – California is the centre of motion picture industry which attracts dreamers from all over the world. But to be fair, the main reason for less delegates flying from abroad are relative to costs. A trip to the other side of the world from European or Asian representations is always of great financial effort for smaller societies. The cost for a week stay in the hotel and flight ticket, (despite the generous support on meals by ASC which offers breakfast, lunch and dinner during the summit days), will be no less than 2250/2500 euros per delegate. Just imagine a society which counts with 50 members paying an annual fee of 50 euros the total income from that society is 2500 euros per year. By this example is possible to understand how costly is for a society to afford 2 delegates. 

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The only way to be able to get funds not only to attend great seminars like this one but to held other initiates only being sponsored is possible. We all know how hard is in our societies to get local sponsoring. Most of the manufacturers are based in America, Germany and England. In other countries only exists representations from these industries which makes them of course weak when it comes to support the societies. Fortunately, the American society can gather from sponsors in the heart of the motion picture industry their interest and support such event and share it with other fellows out of America. That is of great generosity and the spirit which lead this summit.

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Even though societies like the Philippine’s, Hong Kong’s, Qatar’s, were present. The Italians were notably missed. But for those whom have taken the effort to come was certainly worth it. It is an experience of a life time. But even societies missing at the Summit they were well represented by IMAGO.web.375 P1033910
Most of the societies present at the Summit were members of IMAGO which demonstrates the character of the Federation which is aiming for a global representation rather a European solo organization. The united Nations of cinematographers as it is already called in the closed circle of friends.web.375 IMG 4300
The summit could prove the spirit of friendship which exists amongst cinematographers. By sharing experiences, friendship, knowledge, which was well noticed by one of the cinematographer agents that was part of the panel discussion THE BUSINESS OF CINEMATOGRAPHY. «cinematographers are much more united and have a more sense of camaraderie than any other discipline of the industry».
web.375 P1033455The ASC club house the headquarters of the American society plays an extraordinary part during the Summit. The sensation of feeling at home at safe grounds is overwhelming. In one of the the lovely sunny afternoons during a short break of the event, Tony Costa mentioned to Joe Dunton that he would dream for IMAGO also to have its own Club House somewhere in Europe to what Joe immediately replied. «I would like to full fill that dream. Its possible». There is no problem to dream.
But the house itself wouldn’t be enough to feel the homely sensation without the great warm welcome that everybody had from the ASC members and staff. We all felt the kindness right from the first minute. Across the street from the ASC Club House is the home of the magician’s association. But surely the magic unity, camaraderie and friendship lasts on the grounds of the ASC Club House.




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The ASC Club house, represents the history of cinematography. There are a number of photographs since the origins of the motion picture industry. A
great collection of film cameras are also on display.


 web.750 P1033457 Like the iconic camera from «Citizen Kane» directed by Orson Welles and shot by Greg Toland ASC. The cinematographer was credited side by side with the director wich is unusual doing justice to the great cinematography and the revolutionary asthetics applied in the film.

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