ABC Semana-Cinemateca de Sao Paulo- May 9-12

ABC was founded in 2000. They are part of Imago and of the newly founded FELAFC / Federação Latino-Americana de Autores de Fotografia Cinematográfica.

ABC counts around 170 members as cinematographers but they also gather Art Directors, Camera Operators, Camera Assistants…

Famous cinematographer Affonso Beato ASC ABC is a former president as well as Walter Carvalho or Lauro Escorel. Today Marcelo Trotta better known as Tintin is running the board.

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Louis-Philippe Capelle with Kees Van Oostrum ASC NSC and Hugo Kovensky ABC on the right.

Since 2002, they organized at La Cinemateca de Sao Paulo, the week of the cinematography. This is a Micro Salon style event: workshop, masterclasses and equipment presentations. Most of the manufacturers attended, all represented by their local or regional dealers. For the first time in Brazil, the cinematographers were able to discover the new Alexa LF, but also Red new models, the Sony Venice or the new range of Canon and Panasonic cameras.

During these very busy days, more than 3000 people coming from all region of Brazil gathered in a very relaxed and friendly mood in the beautiful surrounding of the Brasilean Cinemateca.
TV Globo, the major TV channel in Brazil (60 millions audience everyday) Netflix have also send representative, showing their huge interest in the film making.
Zeiss hosted a Q/A retrospective of the carreer of Affonso Beato, putting forward the polyvalence and talent of this great cinematographer and discussing about the use of different set of lenses for visual creativity.
Imago was represented by General Secretary Louis Philippe Capelle and the ASC by President Kees Van Oostrum. Both insisted on the collaboration between countries, the world of cinematography becoming global. Kees and Affonso, under the banner of Arri were talking about the new challenges in Cinematography with the new tools.
Different panels were on stage: the making of TV series, an impressive talk about shooting underwater, scriptwriting,…

The week ended with the ABC Award 2018 Party. This year an very happy Adolpho Veloso won 3 awards(Best Cinematography in Documentary, Commercial and Short Film). The father Walter Carvalho and his son Lula were also competing: Walter won the award for the TV drama and Lula for the best photographed feature film Bingo – O Rei das Manhãs
(represented Brazil for the Academy Awards). This film won also the awards for Best Art Director, Editing and Sound.

Thanks and congratulations to Marcello and his team for the success of this week.


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Last day -Tribute to Affonso Beato ASC ABC by Zeiss
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Dinner in Sao Paulo with Thomas and Marcel from Fuji, Kees, Marcello and Affonso, great italian food
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3 Van Gogh's and Kees Van Oostrum ASC-NSC

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