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Eclair became IMAGO Sponsor

Founded in 1907 in the early days of cinema, Eclair is a historic, innovative and respected company in the motion picture and television industries. We offer smart solutions across Europe and North America to producers, movie and live events distributors, rights holders, cinema exhibitors, advertising agencies, broadcasters, video publishers and VOD/SVOD platforms.

Eclair has become a leader in UHD 4K and HDR technologies for feature films, documentaries, TV movies and series. In 2016, a new innovation set to revolutionise film projection was launched: EclairColor. This new digital color technology is able to achieve image projection of unprecedented quality. Headquarted in Paris-Vanves (France), Eclair has additional offices in the following cities: Berlin, Karlsruhe, Madrid, Barcelona, London, New York, Li├Ęge, Vicenza, Auxerre, Issy-Les Moulineaux, Strasbourg and Rabat.

Eclair is made up of six divisions: Post Production, Restoration, Versioning & Accessibility, Digital Distribution, Preservation and Theatrical Delivery.
Part of Ymagis Group, a European company at the forefront of digital services for the cinema industry, Eclair is a trusted partner for all local and global entertainment needs. 

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