Cinecitta, where the myth of Italian cinema started more than 80 years ago.

The Studio compound of 600000m2 is now back in public hands and hosting 2 major shooting: a TV serie based on Umberto Ecco’s novel” In the Name of the Rose” and “ The Pope” , a Netflix production of the new film of Fernando Mereilles starring Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce.




CW Sonderoptics
Louis Philippe

For the 6th edition, the AIC invited “autori italiani cinematografia” and film technicians to their Micro Salon Italia, on March 17th and 18th.
Daniele Nannuzzi, President of the AIC and association’s General Secretary Simone Marra are the key organizers to bring this year’s edition to a major success. More than 5000 visitors gathered to discover the exhibition, meet manufacturers and equipment dealers. A lot of Imago’s friends across the 56 booths-80 brands. Italian presentation of the new Arri LF(large format camera and lenses), the new Sony Venice system, Cooke Optics and Carey Duffy together with their Cooke tv team was sharing the space with Red Italian dealer, … CW Sonderoptics very well represented by Gerhard Baier, Tommaso Vergallo, Daniela Kesselem, Kevan Parker and Rainer Hercher, Marc Galerne and Jacques Delacoux bringing the “french touch” …I cannot name them all, so many.

At the back of the studio, a space was dedicated to the workshops, mostly packed with and enthusiast crowd. Luciano Tovoli was presenting the Italian edition of his book about the restoration of Suspiria. On the last night, Vittorio Storaro hold a masterclass “Whos is afraid of Red Blue and Green” about his collaboration on Woody Allen ‘s “Wonderwheel”. Brillant, concise and enlighting, Vittorio brought his views of the creative role of the cinematographer in front of a packed audience in the emblematic Fellini theater. He shared generously the stage with his colorist and DIT.
Imago technical committee hold a fruitful meeting on the Sunday morning as well as the authorship committee took the opportunity of an informal gathering in the AIC camera museum- what a place- around the efficient report made by Arko Okk esc.

Daniele Nannuzzi, AIC’s President was hosting his exhibition of stills “ un cinematographer all’ Opera” a beautiful showcase of his work as a light designer in various Opera houses around Europe.
Not to mention, the Arri dinner on the Friday night, great atmosphere and of course great food…
So we say “arriverderci Roma and see you next year”.













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