Serbian Cinematographer's Festival


Between 1 and 4 February 2018, the second IMAGE IN MOTION festival, dedicated to the work of Serbian cinematographers and organised by the Serbian Society of Cinematographers (SAS), took place at the Yugoslav Cinematheque in Belgrade. Twenty-three feature films made after October 2016, when the first edition of the festival took place, were submitted to the festival. The selector Miloš Milošević chose eight films in which the cinematographers managed to create a visually unique and recognisable image.

Photo No 1 Photo No 7
 Miloš Spasojević S.A.S. with main Award and Srđa Penezić
(director of film Name: Dobrica, last name: unknown)
 Yugoslav Cinematheque in Belgrade: What is inside?
Jure Černec ZFS, Mustafa Mustafić ASBH, Andrej Lupinc ZFS
Photo No 2 Photo No 3
 Mustafa Mustafić ASBH, president of the jury  Srđa Penezić, Miloš Spasojević S.A.S. (Awarded for Best Cinematography
for film Kozje uši / Out of the woods.), Simon Tanšek ZFS, Mustafa
Mustafić ASBH and Nebojša Bašić S.A.S.
Photo No 5
Photo No 4JPG
 Predrag Bambić S.A.S.  Srđa Penezić (director of film Name: Dobrica, last name: unknown ),
Simon Tanšek ZFS and Mustafa Mustafić ASBH

The festival, headed by Predrag Bambić (a cinematographer and the president of SAS), formally opened with Saraj’vo (direction and cinematography by Mustafa Mustafić), a documentary screened out of competition. Over the next four days, the following Serbian films were shown: Rekvijem za gospođu J. / Requiem for Mrs. J (cinematography by Jelena Stanković, SAS), Inkarnacija / Incarnation (cinematography by Uroš Milutinović), Ime: Dobrica, prezime: nepoznato / Name: Dobrica, Last Name: Unknown (cinematography by Radan Popović, SAS), Kozje uši / Out of the Woods (cinematography by Miloš Spasojević, SAS), Slepi putnik na brodu ludaka / A Stowaway on the Ship of Fools (cinematography by Đorđe Arambašić, SAS), Nigde/ Nowhere (cinematography by Milorad Glušica, SAS), Jesen samuraja / The Samurai in Autumn (cinematography by Bojana Andrić, SAS) and Afterparti / Afterparty (cinematography by Dušan Grubin).

Two awards – the Award for an Innovative Visual Approach in Cinematography and the Award for Best Cinematography – were conferred by the festival jury consisting of three cinematographers: Simon Tanšek, ZFS (Slovenia), Nebojša Bašić, SAS (Serbia), and Mustafa Mustafić, ASBH (Bosnia and Herzegovina), who served as the president of the jury.

The jury stressed that all eight films screened at this year’s edition displayed a very high level of cinematography and that their topical and production variety proves that, despite the very austere working conditions, the cinematographers in Serbia have managed to create works whose quality is equal to those of their colleagues working in environments with a visibly more developed film industry. In light of the high quality of the shown films, the jury was faced with a very difficult task. In the end, it was the nuances that decided the winners.

The Award for an Innovative Visual Approach in Cinematography was conferred on RADAN POPOVIĆ for IME DOBRICA, PREZIME NEPOZNATO / NAME: DOBRICA, LAST NAME: UNKNOWN

Justification: By using functional cinematography in terms of the lighting, framing and colour and an interesting solution in the process of joining and combining archival footage, animation and original footage, Radan Popović, as a cinematographer, visibly contributed to the film’s quality. His interesting visual solutions and the graphic level he achieved in the film also raise the film’s production level.

The Award for Best Cinematography was conferred on MILOŠ SPASOJEVIĆ for KOZJE UŠI / OUT OF THE WOODS.

Justification: In Out of the Woods, Miloš Spasojević masterfully used all cinematographic devices and skilfully painted the character of the space and the atmosphere of the village. With a precise selection of lenses, skilful framing and functional camera movement, he shaped a graphically compact whole. With the lighting used in combination with the selection of colours in the production and costume designs, he supported this film’s dramatic content.

The festival was well-attended by both film buffs of all generations, who are regular visitors of the Yugoslav Cinematheque, and all kinds of film professionals, mostly those working in cinematography of course, from students to established Serbian cinematographers. The four days of the festival were spent not only in watching films, but also in socialising with cinematographers from the region. This is important because visual art and socialising connect us into a big family. There were a lot of ideas and discussions about our shared interests and some of the results will probably be seen this autumn. But more on this, some other time …

Simon Tanšek, Slovene Association of Cinematographers (ZFS)

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