Martin Hammond: Friend of Film-Makers.

Martin Hammond was a remarkable human being to whom film makers of all ages owe a debt of gratitude. The kindness, courtesy and dedication with which he conducted his life had been nurtured by his earlier years working for his benevolent extended family of Kodak. He became a company man with a work ethic to match. Following early retirement, he determined to continue utilizing his contacts and energy for the benefit of the wider film industry.

His death after a heart attack on the M4 has impacted the many institutions, companies and friends to whom he had dedicated his time and energy following retirement. The initial sadness and shock at this tragedy has given way to universal grief at the loss. This has been followed by countless tributes from Britain and abroad. Martin could truly be described as a facilitator with a habit of turning up almost anywhere, from his beloved Jackson Hole in Wyoming to Wildscreen in Bristol, from Camerimage to Hay on Wye. He had an insatiable love of the industry, life and people.
The Guild of Camera Technicians and the BSC were two of many such organisations to benefit from his determination and dedication. His energy matched his friendship for everyone his path crossed. He genuinely took pleasure in helping others. He was a Friend of the BSC, honorary member of the GBCT, always cheerful and willing to help anyone. His journey in self-fulfilment had been challenging and dedicated since being sent in the late 1980’s to sell video stock to the BBC in Ealing Studios. He grasped the opportunities ahead. All whom he touched on that sadly curtailed journey have benefited.
Thank you, Martin, you have more than earned your place in our gratitude and love.

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