TC survey designed for cinematographers

Requests to manufacturers, an Imago TC survey designed for cinematographers, Camera operators, DIT’s, 1st ACs, colorists, postproduction managers and supervisors.                                                 

The Digital Age has clearly generated new great tools for the cinematographer - but also never-ending new approaches and new solutions. Imago Technical Committee (ITC) has launched a survey regarding issues which nowadays filmmakers and film technicians are facing. We also anticipate new developments.

The ITC has prepared a list of wishes to be presented to the manufacturers. Now we need more input and insights from our community of cinematographers and of all the players in the field of picture creation: camera operators, DIT’s, 1st ACs, colorists, postproduction managers and supervisors. Together we want to be part in the technical and creative processes by suggesting our wishes and needs to manufacturers.

Please invest approximately 10 minutes to give us your opinion on

standardized language and check lists, manufacturer's samples, workflows, projection / presentation / exhibition. Thanks a lot for participating here:

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