Michael Ballhaus, BVK, ASC 1935-2017

It is another sad news to witness the departure of another great cinematographer of our times. The berlin- born cinematographer Michael Ballhaus dies with the age of 81. He worked in his prolific career with many great directors like Rainer Werner Fassbinder who he worked with in 15 films and the most well-known world wide «The Marriage of Maria Braun» and « The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant». Ballhaus was part of the new German cinema which raised in the 1960’s having director Fassbinder the most well-known director.

Others followed like with director Martin Scorsese who he shot a few important titles like «After Hours», «The Departed», «The Last Temptation of Christ», «Goodfellas» just to mention a few. He worked in 1992 with Francis Ford Coppola, in «Dracula» an amazing and brilliant cinematography. Michael Ballhaus was a successful cinematographer both in Germany and in America and leaves an extraordinary and collection of fantastic cinematography work. The strong colours of his palette of work are unique and an example.
IMAGO stretches its condolences to his family, friends and members of BVK and praises the highest respect for such a great artist.


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Michael Balhaus After Hours 1985

«After Hours» 1985

Michael Balhaus Dracula

«Dracula» 1992

Michael Ballhaus dracula5

«Dracula» 1992

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