Camerimage: Chris Menges to receive Life time achievement award

Are fifty years of career spent on discovering different ways of showing the truth about the people and the world enough for a person to go down in history? Is over half of a century worth of creating memorable film images and inspiring subsequent generations of cinematographers, critics and viewers enough of an artistic

output to be called a legend? Born in Great Britain, but now worthy of being called „a citizen of the world”, Chris Menges BSC, ASC is a man of high values and true modesty. Thus, he could possibly answer the above-mentioned questions quite evasively, even if film is his greatest passion, for which he quite literally risked his life. We, however, do not have any doubts about it, and that is why we are very happy to announce that during the 23rd edition of the International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography CAMERIMAGE we will have the honor of presenting Chris Menges with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

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Still from "The Mission", courtesy of Goldcrest

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